Ads are coming to your Fortnite, Overwatch streams on Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is letting the ads flood in.


Twitch Prime, a service the streaming video site offers in partnership with its parent company Amazon, will no longer be ad-free for new members starting Sept. 14. Current monthly subscribers will get ad-free viewing until Oct. 15.


This comes as Twitch — which lets gamers record and share in-game videos — realizes that advertising is ‘an important source of support for creators,’ according to the company’s blog post.¬† In other words, it’s a money thing. With ads, the platform and game creators can get a cut. If you want ad-free viewing across all channels, you can still subscribe to Twitch Turbo.


Amazon Prime and Twitch started the partnership earlier in March, giving Prime subscribers a window to claim a selection free PC games from Twitch every month.


Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014 for nearly $1 billion, part of a series of commitments Amazon made to the gaming world.


Amazon didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

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